En esta sección te explicamos el uso que hacemos de los datos y cómo se gestiona la privacidad en la app, así como las normas que deben de seguir todos los usuarios para enviar contenido a la app.

Partimos de que la finalidad de la app no es conseguir tus datos personales, sino crear una app útil y divertida para windsurfistas. Por ello no utilizamos scripts de terceros ni siquiera para analítica y actualmente no lleva insertado ningún sistema de publicidad.

Aunque hay cosas que debes de tener en cuenta, ya que al ser una app con cierto caracter social, una parte de los datos que gestiona se hacen públicos para el resto de usuarios de la aplicación.

¿Qué datos privados gestiona la app?

Al darte de alta como usuario registrado, te pedimos tu e-mail, un nombre de usuario y una contraseña. El e-mail sería entonces el único dato privado, ya que el nombre de usuario puede no ser tu nombre real. De hecho, te recomendamos que escribas un alias, en lugar de tu nombre real para mejorar la privacidad. El e-mail no se muestra públicamente, solo se utiliza a nivel interno para gestionar tu cuenta y diferenciarla. Al enviar los formularios de registro, los datos viajan encriptados hasta nuestra base de datos, gracias al uso de un certificado ssl. La contraseña se guarda encriptada. Por ese motivo, no podemos enviártela si la pierdes, tienes que generar una nueva, ya que ni nosotros podemos descifrarla. Además de los datos en el registro, también puedes publicar una descripción sobre tí en tu página de usuario, así como comentarios en los diferentes spots. It is your responsibility not to include private data in these fields. Although from Vadewind, when moderating the descriptions and comments, if we see that you publish private data, we will notify you so that you can delete or obfuscate it.

Geoposition data

If you decide to share your session in real time with the rest of the users of the app, you are also making your position known every minute. We could consider this not to be personal data, since your username may not be real. But we prefer to notify you so that you can simply value if you want to share that information. This is the main feature of the app and we think that the most appropriate thing is that from Vadewind we do our best to provide you with a safe environment and thus be able to use all the features so that the app is useful for everyone. For this reason, only the last 100 sessions are displayed in real time. Although, they can also be accessed from the user section. But he himself can decide whether he shows them publicly or not. The complete gpx file can be exported or shared from the user section. If at any time you want to delete your account and all the data from the app, you can send us an e-mail to and we will delete everything in less than 24 hours.

Access to the Camera and Archives

Access permission to the phone's camera and files is used for:
- To take a photo when sending a session alert or selecting a photo from your phone. In this case, it is published in the app for the rest of the users, although in the same way as with geoposition, only the last 100 sessions are shown and in the user's profile section, the user can choose whether to show them or not.


All the cookies used by the app are operational cookies. The app does not contain third parties, or advertising scripts or anything that causes the use of cookies to worry you. For example, when a user changes the background image, that change is recorded in a cookie, so that when they enter the next time, they will get the same background and do not have to change it every time.
In the case of External links, such as the Rain Radar and the AEMET Lightning Radar, a cookie notice will appear every time you enter, because even if you accept them, they do not remain recorded. It's a bit annoying, but it improves privacy.


The app publishes the user content when sending the session notices with the corresponding comment and photo. From Vadewind we actively moderate the content that is published and we will eliminate all that does not comply with these important rules:

- Sexual content and profanity
We do not allow publications that include or promote sexual content or profanity, including pornography, or any content or service whose purpose is to provoke sexual pleasure.

- Hate speech
We do not allow publications that promote violence or incite hatred towards individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, national origin, military veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, caste, immigration status, or other characteristics associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

- Violence
We don't allow posts that depict or depict scenes of violence or other dangerous activities.

We don't allow posts that contain terrorist-related content.

- Dangerous organizations
We do not allow publications with content related to the planning, preparation or exaltation of violence against civilians

-Sensitive events
We do not allow posts that profit from a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, health crisis, or other tragic event, or that treat these matters with a reasonable lack of sensitivity.
< br>- Harassment
We do not allow posts that contain or facilitate threats or harassment.

- Dangerous products
We do not allow posts that facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition or certain weapon accessories of fire.

- Marijuana
We do not allow publications that facilitate the sale of marijuana or related products, regardless of whether they are legal or not.

- Tobacco and alcohol
We do not allow publications that facilitate sale of tobacco (including electronic cigarettes and vapers) or that encourage the illegal or inappropriate consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

Only publications that are directly related to windsurfing, the weather conditions that are being reported or the characteristics of the beach, spot or place where they are going to take place. If you see any content wich may be against these rules, you can send as a message to remove it to


User Name


I have forgotten my login details


New user registration

To get the most out of the app, we recommend that you activate all location permissions, as well as access to the files on the phone.


To get help specific to each screen, you will find a little icon with the word "INFO" at the top right of almost all screens where you may need extra help. From this section we show you the rest of the generic questions of the app.

What can be done with this app?
- Notify and see notices of windsurfing sessions.
- Record and broadcast the route of the sessions in real time.
- Save a history of your sessions with multiple data.
- Share the link to your sessions.
- Get to know new spots, comment on them.
- Share spots, see how to get there, see statistics, see extras ...
- Publicly display a profile.
- Participate with this profile in the ranks of the spots and sessions.
- Follow other windsurfers and mark spots as favorites.
- Use tools such as the Knot Converter, Ray Radar or Rain Radar.


Do you want to delete your account and all its data? Write us an e-mail from the e-mail you have registered and we will delete them within 24 hours.



From VadeWind we want you to use our app with complete peace of mind. That is why we detail in this section, with plain language, the use we make of the permissions that we request for the operation of the app, as well as the personal and anonymous data that you may have in the app.

Localization permissions

We ask you to accept all geolocation permissions in the background, even when the app is not with the screen on, because that way you can:

Phone files access permissions

These permissions are used to be able to take photos from the app or record them on the phone. Also to show the photos once saved. The app only accesses the public folders or the one for it in the system. It can't access your other files or photos taken with other apps

What happens if you don't accept them? The app will work anyway, but you will not be able to take photos with the app, or access the files created from it.

Other permissions

To perform its operation, the app requests other permissions from the system, such as access to the internet or access to sensors, but these are managed by the system and no warnings appear, since they are supposed to be normal permissions within the use of the mobile services that any app needs to do.


Made by windsurfers and for windsurfers, we intend to do our bit to improve information and security around our great sport.


We had been thinking about making a spots app for a long time, where people who were not from the spots could find the most relevant information to enjoy surfing like a local. In addition, our admiration for the "Windsport Tracker" app, which we have helped to translate into Spanish and have used since its beginings, pushed us to use geolocation and session logging as an essential addition. Also, as active members of the WhatsApp groups "Windalert" and "30 Nudos", we are very aware of the importance of being connected to be able to give session alerts. It was precisely talking with Fran, from the "Surfinity" app and also a member of Windalert, when we began to see the possibility of making this app. Although it would take a few months to begin to define it on our own.

The development

The design and programming of the app were done in-house :). Jorge Tarazona (@jortaca) is the director of PORTFOLIO, a company that specializes in these things, which allowed for professional execution while still being a family project.

From here on

The app is intended to be easily scalable. That is, the project begins in Valencia, with the few spots that we are well acquainted with. However, we hope that it will soon expand to Spain and throughout the world. We believe it is feasible, as users can submit their own spots and the app is available in several languages.

Open Source Libraries and APIs used

We are thankful for the use of the following libraries, utilities, scripts, and open source data:
Open-Meteo (Special mention for allowing us the use of their advanced API)
Aemet data
Satellite data: Esri — Source: Esri, i-cubed, USDA, USGS, AEX, GeoEye, Getmapping, Aerogrid, IGN, IGP, UPR-EGP, and the GIS User Community
Android / Java


Many thanks to the entire Windsurfing community, to the 30nudos, Windalert, Delta Power, and Piles Wind groups, to Windsport Tracker, Fran from Surfinity and César from 20nudos for providing us with their list of 85 new spots. To Patrick from Open-Meteo for allowing us the use of the advanced API. Also, a very special thanks to the first beta-testers, to Luis Cerveró, Alejandro, Jordi, Yago, Luis, Carlos, Maurizio, and to all the members of the Vadewind~app group.



Write on the field you want to view the conversion on the other

Leyenda tracks:

kt m/s km/h color
3 1.54 5.56 #00a2ff
8 4.12 14.82 #00df00
12 6.17 22.22 #37b300
16 8.23 29.63 #1b9000
19 9.77 35.19 #1a5600
21 10.08 38.89 #445600
23 11.83 42.6 #ff6600
25 12.86 46.3 #E25A00
27 13.89 50 red
29 14.92 53.71 F1009D
31 15.95 57.41 #CB00F1
33 16.98 61.12 #8B00F1
35 18.01 64.82 #3100F1
37 19.03 68.52 #0037AB
40 20.58 74.08 #002472

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